Time to introduce non slip mats..!!! It is common to see accidents due to trips and slips at industrial workplaces that have been one of the major problems since the time of industrial revolution. Injuries from slippery floors have been estimated to approximately 30-35% of the personal injury claims. If you own a factory or if you are the manager/industrial work safety professional then you have to look into options to mitigate such accidents in order to save injuries, lives and costs to your company, by proper matting at your work place. Non Slip Mats are the best cost effective solution for you.

Non Slip Mats

Non Slip Mats

If you are in UK, then you as an employer or an industry safety professional, you should know that according to the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, it is mandatory for your to facilitate and ensure safety and health of all your employees and any public that are directly or indirectly affected by your work, so far as is rationally practicable. Workers have an obligation not to put themselves or others in risk or danger, and must use suitable any safety equipment and procedures when available. This includes implementing safety procedures and equipment to control trips and falls. Also, as per the Work Place Regulations 1992, it is mandatory for employers to provide suitable flooring conditions for its employees. For more information on matting and carpeting solutions for your homes and business visit – www.matcentre.co.uk

Individuals have to be able to go around free from obstruction safely.

Why Slips are caused?

It is not just one, but there are many parameters that need to be considered before we go ahead with the root cause analysis of slips and trips, especially in an industrial set up. Major factor is the body setup of an individual that is he reacts to a slip, second one being the surface of the floor. The former one as an employee one doesn’t have any control, because one simply cannot change the body structure and reactions to slip and trips of an individual. So, if you want to avoid slips, simply work on the surface of the floor with proper matting/carpeting of your workspace. Major workspace trips and slips are due to the slipperiness caused by the grease, oil, water on the floor surface.

In addition, these flooring areas are frequently either smooth and offer no resistance, or damage with cracks and bumps in – both hazardous to walk on.  Nonslip carpeting should be given wherever feasible – the most popular choice to remedy slipper floors is to acquire non slip mats which lay slackly on the surface of the floor

Are you operating your work and other activities from surfaces that are not at all suited for the nature of your company? Have your flooring let you down because of frequent slips and trips on it? For example surfaces such as your swimming pools rooms or your hotel entrance flooring. Then it is worth considering all options, for smooth operation of your business, especially flooring with non slip mats/carpets. If matting is your preferred solution, be sure to choose the mat that best suits your intended application to ensure long life and high performance from the mat. If non slip matting is not the ideal solution for your business, other alternatives include slip resistant footwear.



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